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Let's unlock the secrets behind this dark art.....

We've all been there. Scrolling down our timeline, and we stumble across some person we've never seen, with seemingly wizard like timing, mashing away at a pad controller making the coolest stuff you've ever heard! How are they doing this? Are they using a quantization feature? Can I do this?! It's not as difficult as you may think! Nor, is it that easy either! Book a lesson with me and allow me to demystify the dark art of finger-drumming for you!



Learn the latest licks or pick up the basics

Having played stringed instruments for most of my life and touching every genre, I've gained a lot of professional experience and techniques im happy to share! So let me help you nail that tapping/sweep lick or your favorite church groove today!



Let me help you bring your track to life!

Whether you're having a creative block or just need a fresh set of ears/hands on your project I got you covered! From rapping/singing and instrumental work to mixing, mastering, writing, programming, and arranging. I can assist  you in getting the job done!

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Rock Kit

Rock Kit

19 Soul crushing .wav files carefully selected to help you bring the mosh pit to your mix fast and easy!

Watch the attatched video to hear the drums in action !!

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